Anish Kapoor – May2 » May24 | Brighton Festival

Starts Today!

2-24 May
Guest Artistic Director: Anish Kapoor
Opening Weekend includes:
Diamanda Galás, Anish Kapoor, Willkommen Collective, Walk the Plank, les ballet C de la B, Takács Quartet, Ivo Papasov
48 hours of serious fun. Don’t miss it.
Watch this space for next week’s highlights.

‘British arts festivals will be hard pushed to match Brighton’s astonishing pizzazz.’

Festival Night Train

Squeeze more into your festival weekends with Southern railway’s late-night festival service. The Festival night train leaves Brighton at 23.19 and is fast to East Croydon and Clapham Junction (00:03) arriving at London Victoria at 00:13 in time for the last connecting tube home. You can also save money with advance tickets from £3 one way across the network. Visit

Make a Festival Break of It

Why not make a real Festival break of it? We’ve linked up with VisitBrighton to set up some fantastic offers on accommodation and restaurants during this year’s Festival. Visit


anish_kapoor_4“I am often asked what my works mean, what they are about. And I have often countered that they are not ‘about’ anything, that I have nothing particular to say, no ‘message’ to give. But I am of course very concerned with a work’s content and a work’s context and the way in which meaning arises out of the encounter between body and object or non object. The intimate, the wondrous and perhaps even the sublime are all entities that cause us to question what, why and how? Art can and must engage these simple but fundamental questions.

There are works of real challenge and seriousness here alongside the humorous and entertaining, and they are all part of a total experience that I hope has a cumulative power to excite the mind, to be memorable and meaningful.

Brighton is a place of wonderful contradictions and juxtapositions, of energy and beauty, ideal for the sort of exploration that should be at the heart of an arts festival.”

Anish Kapoor, Guest Artistic Director

Sky Mirror, 2006
Stainless Steel
10 x 10 x 2 m
Organised by Public Art Fund
Installed: Rockefeller Centre, New York

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