“Living” by Franz Zwartjes – MAY 15 | OPORTO

by Franz Zwartjes

16 mm, colour, stereo sound, 15 min, 1971

Franz Zwartjes is the father of experimental film in the Netherlands and one of the first visual artists to use film as primary media.

Zwartjes is a true DIYer, a film master whose awkward thoughts influenced a whole generation of artists and film makers. With his peculiar camera-editing techniques, artful use of wide angle lenses (a 5.7) and singular camera movements his films are perplexing essays on human behaviour.

InLiving a couple scans an empty apartment planning for an uncanny use.

“Home theater blues”

Alexandre Estrela

May 15, 2009,

Calçada Salvador Correia de Sá, 42, 2.º Frente
Miradouro de Santa Catarina
(café Noobai)
1200 – 399 Lisbon

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