We all have a date with the planet


tradução de Maria José Anjos | PT

Coincidentally, today is the World Environment Day and the world premiere of Home in cinemas and on TV, also available on DVD and on the internet, specifically on YouTube. Therefore, Home is the first film in the history of cinema to be released at the same time in all available platforms.

This global initiative has a very interesting purpose behind it, which is also a necessary one: to alert the world to a future global warming catastrophe. No one is immune to this coming disaster if we continue to act the same way as we have been until now. Politic and government measures will have to be adopted in order for more business orientated research for sustainable technologies to happen. From now on our global attention will be the environment since we are compromising the well-being of mankind in our small planet.

In 1800, when the population values shifted immensely, the Earth’s inhabitants were counted in 1.2 million. Since then there has been a vertiginous growth in the world’s population, almost in a 90 degrees line: a scary total of 6.5 billion people. The planet is over-populated. This reflects the exhaustion that the ecosystem has been put through, since it doesn’t have time to replace its natural sources. This exhaustion will eventually lead to the lack of soils, fauna and all the other ecosystems. If we don’t react, mankind is condemned to auto-destruction. It’s necessary to gather all available help and merge it into a form of global support involving all countries. We need to help developing countries to get out of the poverty trap and control their birth rates in order for the world’s population to stabilise its level to a more sustainable one.

Home will be the first film to explain in detail how we can solve this common problem and how we can convert this cause to a global level, therefore changing the future of our planet.

Written by Jorge Reis and translated by Maria José Anjos

Youtube channel
homeproject here you can find the film in your preferred language

Official Site

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