Sculpture becomes itself Architecture

per kirkebyPer Kirkeby
Permanent work in the landscape
Brick construction
Cabañera de la montaña, Plan


June 26th to October 18th 2009

Curated by Marga Paz

Organizes: CDAN
Open 26th, june, 20 pm. CDAN

Sculpture is normally understood as a solid volume closed in on itself. Sculpture has traditionally been carved by taking away fragments of material, or been modelled by adding material, until a figure emerges or is formed. On the other hand, architecture defines habitable spaces by means of construction, in such a way that both the antagonistic qualities of impenetrability or habitability as well as the techniques used by both arts have always seemed to allow for an easy differentiation, even though many great sculptors have also been architects.

Per Kirkeby’s works not only push back the limits of sculptural techniques towards construction, appropriating brick, the core charismatic material of architectural creations, but they also allow the spectator to enter into their defunctionalised interiors. These works neither celebrate nor commemorate events but instead signpost a place and call attention to the surroundings in which they are located.

This work created specifically for Plan is based on the intersection of two equal squares whose intersection creates another smaller square inside, in such a way that, with this simple play of geometry, three spaces are created which can be entered through a series of openings mimicking the doors of a house. In this regard, and though it lacks any functional potential, we could draw a parallel between the openings in the upper part and the idea of windows, even though it is impossible to look through them. One should not seek for the meaning of the work in architecture, its styles and construction techniques. This sculpture’s relationship with architecture is purely incidental, and its meaning must be sought in the postmodern development of abstract forms that have stepped beyond the limits of the arts and the premises of the avant-gardes in order to reinforce the autonomy of a work of art with respect to other objects in the world. Nonetheless, this work is already inseparab le from the place, and through its openings we discover fragments of Peña Mediodía, Peña Lisa, Peña Cuezo, Punta Llerga and the sky in the Pyrenees, further enhancing its singularity.

“Kirkeby’s work is the seventh project in the Art & Nature collection-route already including works by major international artists like Richard Long, Ulrich Rückriem, Siah Armajani, Fernando Casás, David Nash and Alberto Carneiro.”

Biographi Per Kirkeby

CDAN. Centro de Arte y Naturaleza
Doctor Artero s/n
22004 Huesca (Spain)

T. +34 974 239 893
F. +34 974 223 762

Opening hours:

Summer (May 1 to October 1)
Mornings: 11 am to 2 pm; afternoons 5 pm to 9 pm

Sundays and public holidays: 10 am to 9 pm
Closed Mondays

Groups: arranged visits (scheduled to suit each group)

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