Music Lessons Vol. II

high resolution

Flying Saucer

Vinyl record (LP), pan cover, photography tripod.
97 x 66 x 66 cm
Collection Pedro Cabrita Reis, Lisbon

this object is not on display in the gallery

Lições de Música, Vol. II
On view until 30th July, 2009

press-release – PT |

Following its last exhibition in 2008 in Galeria Cristina Guerra (Lisbon), entitled Lessons in Music, João Paulo Feliciano (JPF) continues to explore the metaphor of music as a learning process of developing an artistic language.

As in previous exposure, JPF cross references to their own history and experience with musical and artistic ideas and quotations more or less ironic the idea of culture as an unbroken chain of transmission of knowledge.

However, this “Music Lessons Vol. II” , the artist goes beyond a certain formality and restraint purposely made in the previous exhibition, showing works where the impulsive gesture, the disruption, the breaking of rules, the failure, the ineptitude, the abandonment , limitations, and even a certain brutality takes an expressive and creative urgency.

In the Music Lessons Vol. II, João Paulo Feliciano presents us videos, photographs, and sculptures / objects in a variety of records that is characteristic of his work.

Practical Information:

Exhibition Hours:

Tuesday to Friday
10h00 > 12h30 and 15h00 > 19h30

Monday to Saturday
15h00 > 19h30

Rua Miguel Bombarda, 526 / 536
4050 – 379 Porto – Portugal

T. +351 22 606 1090
F. +351 22 606 1099

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