The arts were not affected by the crisis?!

in Agência Lusa

In the first half of 2009

The influx of the public has increased in the shows of Portuguese in the first half of this year, reveal sources contacted by the Lusa agency, although there is an entity that assess and collect such data. The movie theaters, the theaters and exhibitions have maintained or even increased the number of viewers, with one exception: Castelo São Jorge, with fewer visitors due to the drop in tourism. There is also the case with Teatro Maria Matos, who lowered the price of admission, adapting to “the times”.

The EGEAC (Empresa municipal de Gestão e Animação Cultural) that different cultural guardianship does not mention loss of public, while detecting a “slight decrease” from visitors in the Castelo de S. Jorge justifying with “a reduction of 13 percent in tourism in Lisbon.” However, the Fado Festival, held in the castle, had “almost always” exhausted manning, particularly in concert to Mariza and Deolinda, said source of HM Música, promoter of the event.

The Teatro Municipal Maria Matos, protected by EGEAC, noted “a marked increase in public and submitted always filled rooms,” said the source of the theater Lusa. The Maria Matos “adapted to the times and reduced the price of tickets, which rose from 20 euros to 10 euros on average. Nobody pays more than 12 euros, and have discounts for youths, students and seniors,” said the same source.

Noo the first half of this year, the Teatro Nacional D. Maria II was “always filled rooms”, not noticing any drop in public, told the Lusa source in the room of the Rossio.

For the Teatro Municipal São Luiz, no comparative figures, “in that during the first half was closed for repairs” and dispersed the planning for several areas of the capital.

Source of the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation ensures that “there is certainly more public” and “subscriptions doubled for the next season (2009/10) in a few cycles.”

The Metropolitan Orchestra of Lisbon, under its artistic director, has increased the public, following the rise has occurred in the last season (2007-08). “The New Year’s concert at Centro Cultural de Belem (CCB), exhausted what was a good harbinger of the season in which he exhausted the concerts with Camané, Tito Paris or in the Basilica of Mafra, besides the flood that was the Metropolitan Day (June 4), “said the source institution.” The Fifth perfect, when the Metropolitan opens its doors to the public, have always been overcrowded, “added the source.

The BAC registered a rise of 3.7 per, cent according to figures from the Foundation. The occupancy rate in the first half of 2008 was 60.05%, while this year has reached 63.75%.

In the last season of the Teatro Nacional de S. Carlos almost doubled the number of spectators, according to the Opart (Artistic Office Management) to protect the lyric stage, from 47,036 in the season of 2007/08, to 72,736 in the 2008/09.

The Company National Ballet (CNB) has also increased the influx of public from 26,040 in 2007/08 to 33,161 spectators in the last season (2008/09), said Pedro Moreira, Opart the president (who also protecting the CNB), when the presentation of next season.

Moreover, the Portuguese were more to the movies in the first half of this year, with room to host more than 89,831 spectators in the same period of 2008. According to the Institute of Cinema and Audiovisual for the first six months of 2009 rose by cinema-goers 7,248,556 spectators, more than 89,831 in the same period in 2008 (7.158.725 viewers).

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