Remade in Portugal

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Joana Vasconcelos
jardim de Eden
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Remade in Portugal

for this weekend in Lisbon – ends 13 September
Museu da Elecrticidade

press | PT

Remade in Portugal, is a production of the Portuguese Agency for the Environment in collaboration with the Cremascoli, Okumura e Rodrigues arquitectos, lda.. This exhibition transports you to the museum of electricity where are mentality inventive use of materials used to make parts of eco-design and construction work art, contemporary practices ill-suited to raise public realizing that small gestures of everyday life can have a major influence in building a better future. These practices are divided into 2 fields: pre-consumer and post-consumption. For pre-consumer means the recycling of waste from industrial production that is normally assumed by the industry itself, for post-consumption means the recycling of packaging waste and domestic waste.

The title was influenced by the original project Remade in Italy. This project was created in 2004 by the architect Marco Capellini in collaboration with the Italian organization “Regione Lombardia” and among others, the Ministry of Environment and the various consortia to recycling. The success of the initiative led to the internationalization and, currently, the concept “Remade” is already implemented in several countries in Europe and Latin America.

Allied to this project is the philosophy of the need to change habits for the prevention and slowing down the growing danger of climate change caused by humans. The sensitivity to this issue has to be worked and why not bring the idea to the public by presenting the problem and the solution of the same? 2050 will be the year when humanity will have already fulfilled their Millennium promises, reduction of carbon dioxide, the end of the trap of extreme poverty, to bet in new sustainable technologies, and changing attitudes. All this for the sake of future generations. So cooperation in all modes of expression and communication should serve the purpose of preventing student. The task is difficult but not impossible!

Practical information

> Timetables
10h – 18h | Tuesday to Sunday (closed on Mondays)

> Address

Av. de Brasília, Central Tejo
1300-598 Lisboa

Tel. 21 002 81 90
Fax. 21 002 81 04 / 39


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