“Living” by Franz Zwartjes – MAY 15 | OPORTO

by Franz Zwartjes

16 mm, colour, stereo sound, 15 min, 1971

Franz Zwartjes is the father of experimental film in the Netherlands and one of the first visual artists to use film as primary media.

Zwartjes is a true DIYer, a film master whose awkward thoughts influenced a whole generation of artists and film makers. With his peculiar camera-editing techniques, artful use of wide angle lenses (a 5.7) and singular camera movements his films are perplexing essays on human behaviour.

InLiving a couple scans an empty apartment planning for an uncanny use.

“Home theater blues”

Alexandre Estrela

May 15, 2009,

Calçada Salvador Correia de Sá, 42, 2.º Frente
Miradouro de Santa Catarina
(café Noobai)
1200 – 399 Lisbon

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email: oportolisboa@gmail.com

Oporto presents – “Diwan” by Werner Nekes

“Diwan” by Werner Nekes
16 mm, color, 85 min,1973. Sound: Anthony Moore

A film anthology in five installments:

1. sun-a-mul (16 min)

2. alternatim (15 min)

3. kantilene (17 min)

4. moto (16 min)

5. hynningen (21 min).

We can not think of someone as central to the history of experimental film as Werner Nekes. This restless researcher is one of the last heroes of the moving image, a scholar that seeks for the immaterial truth laying between images and frames.

In his quest, Nekes uses all sorts of procedures and techniques, from structuralist to narrative, trying to break the granted laws and realities of life and art.

The film that Oporto is now presenting, DIWAN, is a paradigmatic example. DIWAN is a five part mysterious odyssey into the realm of existence.

Não podemos pensar sobre alguém na história do vídeo experimental sem primeiro pensarmos em Werner Nekes. Este incansável investigador é um dos últimos heróis da imagem em movimento, um intelectual que procura a imaterialidade da verdade que existe entre as imagens e os frames.

Na sua indagação, Nekes utiliza todas as técnicas de procedimento desde o estruturalismo à narração, tentando quebrar as leis e as realidades da vida e da arte.

O Vídeo que Oporto apresenta, DIWAN, é um exemplo paradigmático. DIWAN é constituído por cinco partes de uma misteriosa odisseia que nos projecta para o reino da existência.

“A momentary trap of vision.”
Alexandre Estrela

Saturday, March 7, 2009, 10.30pm [7 de Março, às 22:30 de Sábado]


The entrance of Oporto is made through the exit stairs of Noobai café – Miradouro de Santa Catarina- Lisboa

A entrada do Oporto é feita pelas escadas de serviço do café Noobai – Miradouro de Santa Catarina- Lisboa

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OPORTO apresenta [Presents] – Matemática

oporto - matemática

Saturday, Dec 20, 2008, 11 pm
Entrada [Entrance] – Noobai café, Miradouro de Santa Catarina

“Matemática” by Vasco Lucena
VHS video, colour, 42 min, n/d

Contacto [Contact]



Cç. Salvador Correia de Sá, 42, 2º frente

1200-399 Lisboa

” I saw what does not exist in the cosmic world around a star.”

Vasco Lucena

For uncountable years Vasco Lucena (1913-2001) passionately taught Art History in high-school. At age 69 he started to build these incredible kinetic light machines. Until his death he mastered in solitude these machines, recording the resulting light shows with a VHS video-camera. These resonant light experiences were followed by Lucena´s insightful comments that would direct the viewer into a more poetic vision or instruct him on the structure of what was being seen.

The videos that we are honored to present here in Oporto are part of a vast body of work called “Matemática”. The first video is a true auroric experience accompanied by an electronic sound made by his friend and poet, engineer Artur Brites. The second video “Disco G parado”, is a precise and dynamic exercise on optical effects.

“Bright thoughts in curved air.”

Alexandre Estrela

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